Equine Physiotherapy Tested on Top Horses

Having been the Head Physiotherapy Expert for the Tryon 2018 World Equestrian Games  as well as the Therapist and / or Veterinarian for horses on multiple teams (Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Bermuda and others), Doctor Juan has broad experience on horses at the Top of the Sport.  His patients have been multiple medalists at Pan-American, Central American and Caribbean, South American and Bolivarian Games.  He has been on the road with the teams at every major competition in the Americas including the Olympic Games and the World Equestrian Games.

Available for any horse

The experience of working with the best, under the most demanding circumstances, makes Doctor Juan the ideal Equine Physiotherapy expert for your horse.  From backyard ponies to Grand Prix competitors, any horse will benefit from a Therapist that has an integral approach to movement, training and competition.  

WEG's Head Therapist, at your barn


FEI Veterinarian

An all around therapist and an all disciplines
FEI veterinarian

Doctor Juan trains other therapists and veterinarians in multiple modalities of Equine Physiotherapy and manual techniques. He is a KinesioTaping® instructor and lecturer at different training programs, worldwide.      

As an FEI Official Veterinarian, Doctor Juan can act as veterinary delegate for Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Vaulting, Driving, Reining and ParaEquestrian.

Therapist Trainer

Doctor Juan regularly lectures on Equine Physiotherapy, Manual Therapies, KinesioTaping, Rehabilitation and other equestrian related topics.

Doctor Juan is a top sports veterinarian trained and certified as Equine Physiotherapy Expert in Equine Massage, Chiropractic, Rehabilitation and Lymphatic Drainage.

Equine Therapy

Tryon 2018 WEG

Head Physiotherapy Expert