Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic system is responsible of collecting all fluids that are in the tissues and outside of the blood vessels, as well as of providing an important immunological support.  When there is swelling due to inflammation or edema, an excessive amount of fluid remains in the tissues, making it prone to infections and fibrosis, producing pain and restricting movement.

Through a series of superficial movements on the skin, Manual Lymphatic Drainage increases the rate at which fluids leaves the tissue. By reducing swelling it also helps reduce pain and discomfort.  If your horse stocks up, has lymphangitis or edema, call Doctor Juan!

In search of an  Instructor ?

Are you running a Certification or CEU course? Do you run a veterinary / animal therapy training center? Are you planning a professional conference soon?

Doctor Juan is available to teach the theory and practice of courses on:

  • Animal Massage Therapy
  • Stretching and kinesiology
  • Animal chiropractic
  • ​Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Bodywork for the Show horse
  • ​Kinesio Taping® Equine
  • Exercise physiology

Your FEI Official veterinarian !

If you are organizing an FEI Show for any discipline you will need a trustworthy and friendly Veterinary Delegate.

Doctor Juan is a helpful and knowledgeable FEI Official Veterinarian for Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Reining, Driving, Vaulting and ParaEquestrian.

You don't just need a good veterinarian; you need a good veterinarian who is willing to help make your show great! Dr. Juan's experience as a rider and team therapist makes him the best choice!

Equine Massage and Muscle THerapy

Muscles are the organic structures responsible for movement.  In other words, they do all of the work that you ask from your horse.  When muscles get tired and their energy levels deplete, they can't continue to perform at the same level.  Also, when there is risk of a muscle strain, it will go into a "guarded position", producing spasm, pain and a restricted range of motion.

The purpose of the Equine Massage and Muscle Therapy is to work with the muscle to restore their normal contractile capacity and improve the horse's range of motion. If your horse feels tight, and or has a heavy workload, you can call Doctor Juan!

Do you need a Therapist ?

Doctor Juan is available to assess and work on your horse on a number of manual therapies, as well as to advise on physical therapy and rehabilitation programs. 

Getting Dr. Juan involved with your veterinarian and your horse's training and rehabilitation process will provide your horse with the best tools towards and improved performance.

For information on the different types of therapies offered by Dr. Juan, please see below:

Equine Rehabilitation and Physical THerapy

Every sports horse will injure itself throughout its athletic lifetime.  Its recovery depends on how severe the injury is, the veterinary diagnosis and treatment and time.

The purpose of Equine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy is to aid in this process by improving the quality of the recovery and/or reducing its time.  It uses different physical modalities (electricity, sound, light, magnetism, temperature and movement) and therapeutic exercises to facilitate the horse's recovery process, while reducing the risk of re-injury.  If your horse has been diagnosed with as sports injury, call Doctor Juan!

Equine Kinesio Taping®

Have you seen the athletes in most sports using tapes with different colors? This is Kinesio Tape. It is a technique that uses an adhesive and elastic tape to provide important stimuli to the body's nervous system and physical support to the body structures.  The results of using the tape depend on the technique used, as the tape has no medical properties embedded to it.

Equine Kinesio Taping® is an adjunct therapeutic technique to all of the above mentioned therapies.  It collaborates in achieving the results of each therapy and extending the duration of its effects. If your horse needs any type of therapy, call Doctor Juan! He will probable use Kinesio Tape.

Animal Chiropractic

Joints have a specific range of motion (ROM) that is determined by its anatomy and the flexibility of the structures around it.  Due to the stressful activities undergone by sports horses,  this ROM can be reduced. On the long run, restricted motion turns into diminished functionality of both the joint and the muscles responsible to move it.

The purpose of Animal Chiropractic is to restore the normal ROM through a low amplitude thrust. The results are improved movement, coordination and performance. If your horse has difficulties working on one direction, doing a flying change or feels restricted, call Doctor Juan!

The Therapy your horse needs!